Door Snakes

Old fashioned, yes, but a well made door snake really will help keep the winter wind from creeping under your door. The typical exterior door is 36" wide, just the size of our standard draft stopper (other lengths are available, too.)

Our door snakes contain over four pounds of filler, so they can be pushed tightly into place against your door (or window sill), and they will stay put.  An inner layer of vinyl behind the fabric allows you to spot clean the outside of the draftstopper, and also helps to keep the filler dry - an important consideration if you have melting snow or other wetness to contend with.

Choose a fabric to complement your decor from our online fabric gallery, and we will custom sew your draftstopper. Sorry, these are not reversible, so you will have to choose your one favorite fabric.

If you need a special size, you may order one in any (whole-inch) size up to 52" in length.

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These draftstoppers work best when the drafty "gap" you want to cover is no more than
1.5" up from the floor or windowsill. If your gap is higher, you can stack two draftstoppers on top of each other to do the job.
Whatever you call them - draftstoppers, draft dodgers, draft catchers, or door snakes ... they really do help to keep the cold winds at bay!

Custom made draftstoppers take about two weeks to complete; if you need a draftstopper right away, we have a few ready-made 36" draftstoppers available. (The 36" length is the size of a typical exterior door.)
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draft stopper, draftstopper, draft dodger ... whatever you call it, it works!